World’s First ‘Smart’ Diabetes Treatment in the Works


I have family members with diabetes. It seems like most of us do. Thankfully, they are all managing quite well, one of them uses an insulin pump and the other relies on daily injections. I know you get used to things, but it sure seems like a lot to deal with, especially for a child, between the testing and the insulin, she seems to be getting “stuck” a whole lot, and for someone that doesn’t like shots… I always wonder when someone will come up with a better way.

It seems like there are some promises on the horizon, but none that have yet come to fruition, like the glucose monitoring tattoo and contact lenses, but this time we might have a winner, researchers at North Carolina State University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Children’s Hospital in Boston, have developed a network of nanoscale particles ( size measurable in nanometers or microns) that can be injected into the body and release insulin when blood-sugar levels rise that will actually let you maintain normal blood sugar levels for more than a week.

These new, injectable nanoparticles contain insulin, with a coating of modified dextran and glucose oxidase enzymes. It begins to work when these enzymes encounter high blood sugar which changes the glucose to an acid which etches the modified dextran and releases the insulin. The insulin then brings the glucose levels under control.

Unfortunately the particles are not quite ready for widespread human studies, but if we actually get there, it could dramatically improve quality of life issues for the millions of folks around the world living with diabetes. For more information, or to follow research as it continues, check out the newsroom at

MyID Band files your medical records away on your wrist


When we’re young, we think we’re invincible. Other people get sick, other people break bones, but not us. We’re going to live forever. Naturally, this feeling fades as the years move on, and we start thinking about what would happen if we were to get into an accident, and we were rushed to the hospital, without anyone knowing who we are. Without a complete medical history, the doctors won’t know about allergies, or potential health conditions you might have. It’s a scary thought. So what do you do?


The MyID Band from LifeStrength is one way to ensure that should something terrible happen, the doctors will be able to quickly and easily look up your information, and make sure that you get the best possible treatment for your condition. All anyone needs to do is scan the QR code on the bracelet, and they’ll instantly have access to your medical history, and a list of emergency contacts.

If for whatever reason someone isn’t able to scan the QR code, there is a number to call, and an ID and PIN to get the records over the phone. The band is available in three different colors, and is adjustable to almost any size. You’ll also get a wallet card, and stickers for your car and home, just in case you don’t happen to be wearing your band when something bad happens. If you’re concerned about allergies or complications that might not be readily apparent to the ER staff, then you can pick up one of these bands for $40.

Kenguru – Wheels, for those Who Need Wheels


My favorite uncle is in a wheelchair full-time. It is the unfortunate result of being struck by a drunk driver while loading groceries into the trunk of his car. It is so easy to look beyond the chair when dealing with him, he is so happy, energetic and willing to try just about anything. The only time he admits to feeling a little less than independent is when it comes time to get in a car. Trips to the grocery store are never just a quick in and out for him. I wish there was something to make him be able to get out more, on his own.

Check out Kenguru, the first ever electric automobile made specifically for folks in wheelchairs. The Kenguru is designed just for people like my Uncle Carl, people who want to get around town without assistance from anyone. The Kenguru is driven directly from the wheelchair, simply drive on in via the rear-opening tailgate and lock yourself in. (a ramp lowers for you when you open the door at the press of a button) Steering is accomplished by motorcycle-style handlebar, with a joystick option coming soon.

The vehicle is small enough and designed so that you can park the Kenguru with its rear end to the pavement for easy access, and the back door will shut when the key is placed in the ignition. The Kenguru won’t start however until the chair is locked into place and the door is fully closed.

Right now the Kenguru is available in the UK and there, it is classified as a scooter (so only a scooter license is required) The Kenguru travels about 60 miles on a single charge, but it only hits speeds around 30 miles an hour. (so highway driving is not allowed) The Kenguru will be available here in the U.S, and worldwide for around 25 thousand bucks! Check for more information.

Nintendo 2DS arrives, delivers budget gaming in a slate form factor


Nintendo has always been one to pioneer new ways and methods to play games, and this time around, their most recent console announcement would target the handheld arena instead of the home console segment. The Nintendo 3DS proved to be the most recent addition to the portable handheld console department, delivering 3D graphics to the masses without having to wear an actual pair of 3D glasses, but the Nintendo 3DS has just been superseded by the Nintendo 2DS. No, this is not a typo, and your eyes are not playing tricks on you, but the Nintendo 2DS will ditch the horizontal clamshell form factor that was first introduced via the original Game & Watch family from the Big N, and will instead adopt a slate format which might prove popular with tablet lovers.

The Nintendo 2DS was specially designed in such a way that anyone who wants to jump into the world of Nintendo 3DS games without having to fork out a bomb for it will be happy with the suggested retail price of $129.99 a pop, where it will arrive in either red or blue shades this coming October 12th. Sure, the main reason for calling the Nintendo 2DS as it is, would be the fact that you can forget about any kind of 3D gaming on it, since the display will be an ordinary 2D display. That might be a bummer for some, but hey, think of the far longer lasting battery life since you need not push the display to a different level of performance, and when it comes to engaging games, there is nothing quite like a super long battery life to get the job done.

The Nintendo 2DS is capable of handling the whole library of packaged and downloadable games for Nintendo 3DS, albeit it will arrive in 2D format. The system itself boasts of a distinctive fixed, slate-type form factor, while you will also be able to grab hold of optional carrying cases that will come in either red or blue colors at $12.99 each. Most of the Nintendo 3DS’ hardware features will be retained by the Nintendo 2DS, including dual screens, game-play controls and touch-screen features. To sweeten the deal, the Nintendo 2DS is also capable of handling the current library of over 2,000 Nintendo DS titles, now how about that? If you are bored, you can also access wireless connectivity features including multiplayer online game play, fun Nintendo Video content and great digitally delivered games in the Nintendo eShop.

The Game Capture HD II will let you record, edit, and share console game footage


There are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of videos on the Internet of people playing video games. Some come with commentary, some just have background music. While a handful are actually enjoyable to watch, there are always people out there who decide they can do one better than everyone else. If you want to break into the vast world of Let’s Plays, you’re going to need the right equipment. Your first choice will be the platform that you choose.

Choosing to do things on a computer is usually the easiest as everything is right in front of you from the game to editing and posting. If you’re wanting to do things on console, it’s usually going to be more difficult as you need to deal with editing on a PC. The Game Capture HD II will allow you to record footage, provide commentary, edit, and share your finished video directly from the device. That’s right, no PC involvement whatsoever. It supports 1080p video, and will work with many platforms including the PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360, and the Xbox One when it comes out.

This will let you pause and resume recording, which means you can go eat dinner and pick up where you left off if you were on a roll. There’s also an option for watermarks if you’re worried about that sort of thing. This will be utilizing your smartphone to show you your recording status, files, and will act as a remote control. The iOS version is already available in the App Store, and the Android version will be available soon. There’s no pricing just yet, but seeing that their other products range from about $150-250, you can guess the bracket.

Alienware Aurora gaming desktop elevates gaming rigs to the next level


Some gamers like to build their gaming rigs from scratch, as they have plenty of choice and flexibility without busting their budget. Others, however, prefer an established name to get the job done for them already, and most of the time, these high powered gaming machines need very little fine tuning, so to speak, as it already comes with an insane amount of processing muscle underneath the hood. The Alienware Aurora gaming desktop can be considered to be such a device, where it has been specially engineered to deliver extreme performance thanks to the inclusion of the new Ivy Bridge-E family of Intel Core i7 4- and 6-core processors.

Not only that, throwing in next generation NVIDIA and AMD graphics up the ante even more, where it delivers an intense gaming experience with realism that even Alienware themselves have never offered. If you happen to have deep pockets, you might want to settle for the optional ALX chassis that boasts of an intelligent thermal management system with Active Venting technology so that everything will run nice and cool even under demanding gaming sessions.

As mentioned earlier, the Aurora would now include the latest Intel Core i7 processors, with an Extreme Edition option to boot, while they can achieve overclock speeds of up to 4.3GHz with Turbo Boost technology. Not only that, the latest NVIDIA GeForce 700-series graphics and AMD 8900-series graphics options are also part of the mix, while support for quad-channel DDR3 memory ensures that you can move along with the times (or as and when your budget permits).

There is also an updated Alienware Command Center software that offers intuitive, user-friendly access to Alienware-exclusive applications and controls, all located under one centralized hub. The Command Center will be accompanied by the exclusive AlienFX lighting control system, letting you create your own custom lighting themes and special effects for that added “wow” factor, making it ideal to impress your mates. The Alienware Aurora has been made available since September 11 in select territories, with a starting price point of $1,399 upward, depending on the innards that you want it to come with.

Hyperkin’s RetroN 5 console slated for December 10 release


Video game consoles – those have been playing nanny to your kids all summer long for as long as one can remember. Of course, the Atari 2600 has been a reference point for many of us older folk, before we “graduated” to the likes of the NES, and that was before the 16-bit revolution turned the world upside down with its snazzy graphics (and of course, the gameplay did go some way in helping keep us glued in front of the TV screen). Fast forward to this day and age, where Full HD graphics are considered to be compulsory if a game were to “make it”, so to speak. We also know that two highly anticipated consoles will roll out in the US before the year is over – the Xbox One from Microsoft, and the PS4 from Sony. What happens when you have an inkling for a blast from the past? This is where Hyperkin’s RetroN 5 console comes in, where it has been tagged with a December 10, 2013 official release date.

The RetroN 5 will certainly love to accept the entire collection of old school game cartridges, since it will be compatible with the following old school consoles – NES, SNES, Genesis and GBA cartridges. I guess it is time to break open that box in the attic, blow the dust off, and then start giving it a go to roll back those years with your first memory of Mario Kart racing, or the incorporation of Mode 7 on SNES titles. The RetroN 5 will be released in the US as well as Europe, where it will retail for $99.99 Stateside, while our friends living across the pond will have to pay €89.99.

Since the RetroN 5 was showcased at E3 earlier this year, some key modifications were made to the console, where the shell design would pave the way for better ventilation so that its innards remain nice and cool for a longer time, not to mention making concessions to use the Sega Power Base Converter so that owners of the RetroN 5 are able to enjoy Master System cartridges as well. The RetroN 5 is capable of bypassing any irritating region locks, so go ahead and game away! All purchases will arrive with an AC adapter that is accompanied by a quartet of head sockets to have it fit multiple regions, where the voltage will range from 110 to 240 volts.

Solar-Lighted Umbrella

Now, the $149.95 Solar-Lighted Umbrella is definitely something that you might want to consider assuming you have a yard or garden large enough to fit it in. I guess it goes without saying that those who do not own landed property and are currently living in apartments, you can rule having the Solar-Lighted Umbrella around, since your balcony might not be large enough to accommodate it, either. It would be easy to assume that the Solar-Lighted Umbrella is pretty much self-explanatory, where it comes with integrated solar lights that help create a lovely mood and setting when dusk falls.

Sporting a large 9’ canopy that cranks open in a jiffy and speedily, the steel support pole is sturdy and stable, while 32 soothing LED lights will help light up your evenings when you want to have heart-to-heart talks with your beloved under romantic conditions, and just in case it has been cloudy the entire day, fret not, there is a battery backup to help recreate those magical moments. You can choose from black, brown, burgundy or hunter green colors for the Solar-Lighted Umbrella’s canopy.

Korg announces new KROSS keyboard

When it comes to electronic keyboards, there are different brands to choose from, and Korg has been an established name in this area for a long, long time already. Well, Korg’s latest addition to their electronic keyboard range has been called the Kross, where it is a mobile, affordable, keyboard workstation with audio/MIDI recording capabilities, and can operate on AC power or battery power (with the latter requiring half a dozen AA batteries to run), in addition to a vast selection of cutting-edge sounds. You will be able to choose from 61 keys or 88 fully-weighted keys, where it also holds the distinction of being the first battery-powered, full-featured Korg keyboard workstation.

It is said to feature rich sounds which are definitely top of its class, while carrying practical features such as analog-style step sequencing and built-in audio recorder, where all of those have been crammed into a lightweight and portable package. It seems that Korg is intend to hit the nail on the head this time around with the Kross offering specifications and style which will exceed people’s expectation of a keyboard at this price point.

Kross is said to come with roughly double the sound sample data compared to preceding Korg models such as the X50 and the PS60. You will find essential sounds like rock/jazz organ, strings, brass, and synth sounds in there, where they have been carefully treated to upgrades and enhancements, in addition to carrying instruments like the toy piano, accordion, combo organ, church organ, and of course, vintage instruments such as a tape sampler. Time to start composing a new set of your own tunes, no?

Those who are interested in picking up the Korg Kross keyboard workstation will be able to do so from this August onwards, where it will come with two price tags due to the different configuration. The 61-key Kross will retail for $699 a pop, while the 88-key model is more expensive at $999.

Hidden – The App that Sees Who You Are, and Knows Where You Sleep

I would say that most people these days have a pretty deep relationship with their electronics. I never realize just how much I rely on my “connected” lifestyle until I do something stupid, like leave the house without my iPhone. The world seems to kind of, stand still, and I never get too much done, how could I? All my contacts, addresses and appointments are stored in that thing. I’m also pretty attached to my pictures and videos, I can’t imagine what I’d do if it was lost forever, or worse, if someone stole it!

Well, I guess there’s an app for that! Meet Hidden, a nifty little application that sits “hidden” on your iDevice until you need it. Then, you simply log on to the online tracking control panel (from some other device of course) and activate the tracking, which will awaken the application, enabling you to see where your precious Mac is now hanging out, look at a few screenshots of what its cruising, and then check out some full color pics of exactly who it is thats using it, anywhere in the world!

The Hidden application uses Apple’s already installed Core Location framework which lets you determine current location or the heading information associated with a device. This framework enables someone  to determine a user’s position and heading and then, utilizing iSight, you can actually get pictures of the dirty bas… er,  the person thats holding the computer for you.

The Hidden App is a monthly subscription service, starting at around 15 bucks a year to protect just one Mac or iPhone all the way up to 395 bucks to protect a whole company and up to 100 of their devices. The price includes immediate activation and includes theft recovery assistance… I like it! Find out more by visiting